How Advanced Clinical Massage will help relieve your pain

Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief

Pain is complicated. It can be acute (just happened) or chronic (pain that has persisted for over 3 months).  It can relate to local tissue damage or a manifestation in the brain caused by the nervous system. We use proven techniques to help in both situations and everything in between.

Stretching and especially strengthening exercises, are becoming more and more recognised as the key to becoming pain free. Rest is no longer a healthy option for damaged soft tissue.  Nb Clinical & Sports will carry out a full assessment to pinpoint the problem and give you a program specific to the problem for you to take away and work on.

If you feel you need stretches and strengthening rather than massage, Nicky offers 30 minute sessions in the rehab studio where she will work with you to produce a personalised programme to take away and use at home. If you find it difficult to self motivate, Nicky also runs 30 minute classes specific to pain problems during the week. 

For free advice on which treatment could be best for you callĀ 07870 625617